About Us

The SMIR group was created since 1997. SMIR stands for “Système Multisensoriel Intelligent intégré Réparti”. Today the group has three permanent staff and nine researchers (PhD students, post-docs and master students).

The work of SMIR group is on developing robust core technologies (hardware and software) dedicated to WSN (Wireless Sensor Network) and I/WoT (Internet and Web of Things). We are one of the few groups in France focusing on these areas. Notice that the WSN and I/WoT are considered the key technologies of the 21st century.

Research on WSN is multidisciplinary and includes four distinct areas: hardware and software architecture, network communication protocol, sensor 'sensing' and processing algorithm. Despite the rapid advances in integrated circuit technology, the technique of signal processing and wireless network, the realization of a miniaturized energy efficient and robust wireless sensor node is still an open problem and requires new concepts to improve its lifetime and robustness, which are both important technological barriers for many applications: smart care, precision agriculture etc. To minimize energy consumption, and increase the robustness of a WSN node, we seek to optimize vertically and contextually in a unified way the four components of a sensor: multicore hardware and software architecture, multi-network communication protocol, collaborative processing and sensing ‘context-aware active multi-sensor’.

Since 1997 different generations of WSNs have been implemented, tested and transferred to several companies (Hydrasol, SMTC and SVS@CAP), a research institution (IRSTEA) and projects (EU FP6 NeT-ADDED project Mobi + Telemedicine).

Today a new generation of modular and fault tolerant multicore WSNs was implemented named MiLive. MiLive platform is modular and configurable to function as a scalar or as a multimedia WSN node. Energy efficient and robust Scalar WSNs and Wireless Multimedia Sensor Network were deployed in the ISIMA garden and laboratory LIMOS since December 2011.

It should be noted that the MiLive platform is a versatile platform alternative to the single-core TelosB platform developed by Berkeley UC, to explore new software concepts (low level software and collaborative treatment) to improve the lifetime and robustness of new generations of WSN applications dedicated to I/WoT.

The SMIR group cooperates with:

  • IRSTEA to deploy WSSN and WMSN dedicated to precision agriculture
  • HIT for the smart home
  • UPC and Wuhan University for the environmental event detections (presence of insects and plant diseases) by using WMSN: MiLive.