WSN RTOS: LiveOS (former name: MIROS)


A hybrid, real-time, memory-efficient, energy-efficient, user-friendly, fault-tolerant, multi-core WSN OS.


LiveOS has the following features:
> Optimize the memory cost and scheduling performance by using the context-shifting hybrid-scheduling mechanism.
> Improve the utilization efficiency of the constrained WSN memory resource by using the reacitve-defragementation dynamic memory allocation.
> Simplify the programming and improve the reprogramming performance by the middleware LiMid.
> Optimize the energy cost by the multi-core energy-efficient scheduling.
> Improve the reliability of the WSN nodes by the multi-core state-machine checking&validation mechanism.
> Generate the application code automatically by the GUI tools.

Previous evaluation kernel code can be reviewed online at:

Details in Files

Demo which shows LiveOS hybrid scheduling and dynamic allocation. Download

MIROS Kernel: A Brief Reference Manual Download