WSN Middleware: LiMid (former name: EMIDE)


An intermediate layer which can not only simplify the application programming complexity, but also improve the application reprogramming performance.


Application programming is difficult in the WSN since the low-level WSN platform details are diverse. Application reprogramming is also hard in the WSN since the energy resource of the nodes and the bandwidth of the network are both limited.
To address the above challenges, the decoupling of the application code from the system code is significant. By doing this, the users only need to focus on the development of the application space without the necessity of considering the low-level system details.As a result, the application programming complexity can be eased. Moreover, only the application image rather than the monolithic software image needs to be updated during the reprogramming process. Consequently, the wireless reprogramming performance can be improved.

Currently, two kinds of mechanisms have been investigated in our works to decouple the application code from the system code. One is the usage of the optimized embedded Java virtual machine (EJVM), and the other is the development of the new middleware LiMid (former name: EMIDE). LiMid has some key functionalities similar to the EJVM, but consumes less resources and shows better execution efficiency.

Details in Files

Demo for the EMIDE remote reprogramming (through the command). Download

EMIDE Application Development Kit: Software package Download

EMIDE Application Development Kit: USER MANUAL Download

EMIDE Implementation : Technical Report Download