Smart Care (STAR)


A software and hardware platform dedicated to Real-time remote continuous cardiac arrhythmias detection


STAR ‘Système Télé-Assistance Réparti’ is a platform dedicated to real-time remote continuous cardiac arrhythmias detection. It has two modes. In real-time mode, when a serious symptom is detected an emergency message including a sequence of ECG signals and images (indoors) are sent to the remote server. In deferred mode, the symptom is saved and a daily report resuming all the anomalies is sent to the remote server. In any case, the patient may be contacted through Internet by the cardiologist anywhere and any time and the WES may be remotely reconfigured if necessary according to the patient physical state. We believe that such a platform is able to improve the result of the prediction and the diagnostic for the patient having cardiac arrhythmias, because the monitoring is not limited in time and in space. Furthermore the patient leads a normal life, feels easy and more secure at home.