Smart Environment Explorer Stick (SEES)


Visually Impaired People (VIP), assistive device, navigation, multi-sensor, context-awareness, smart stick, GPS, web service, ubiquitous SEES


Visually Impaired Person or People (VIP) need to improve both orientation and mobility capabilities in order to be able to walk autonomously and safely using a white stick (cane). This study proposes to fill the gap by defining a new assistive device for VIP named SEES ‘Smart Environment Explorer Stick’, which assists some of the walking and orientation sub-functions. The active multi-sensor context-awareness concept is adopted to be implemented in the SEES to help the VIP to move safely and easily in any places in the world (indoor or outdoor). The original concept of the SEES system integrates three main devices, iSEE, SEE-phone and SEE-stick which complements each other. The system will be validated with end users for its pertinence to targeted assistance and appropriation. Its technical performances will be evaluated and compared to these existing systems.