MiLive: Wireless Multimedia Sensor Board


Robust Multi-support and Modular WMSN (Wireless Multimedia Sensor Network)


The MiLive is a multimedia prototype node. It is built around 2 boards: scalar WSN node (iLive) and Wireless Multimedia node (MWiFi).
The main objective of MiLive is to make a significant contribution to the implementation of energy efficient and robust WMSN. This work presents the modular hardware key features of MiLive node and its running modes, which enables to adapt to different application contexts to minimize energy consumption. The results of the real-world deployment show that MiLive node is robust and meet the requirements of environmental event detection.

Key features of MiLive:
■ All Sensors supported by iLive
■ High Performance
■ 700 MHz ARM1176JZF-S core (ARM11 family)
■ Up to 512M RAM
■ 2x USB 2.0 HS Host ports
■ 10/100 Ethernet Port
■ Composite RCA (PAL & NTSC), HDMI, LCD Panels via DSI
■ SD / MMC / SDIO card slot, Up to 32GB storage
■ Support both IEEE 802.11 and IEEE 802.15.4