iLive: Scalar Wireless Sensor Board


Scalar Wireless Sensor Node Dedicated to Environment Data Collection and Precision Agriculture


ILive node is a standard wireless sensor node. It directly supports many environmental sensors: 4 Watermark soil moisture sensors, 3 Decagon soil moisture sensors, 1 air temperature sensor, 1 soil temperature sensor, 1 air humidity sensor and 1 light sensor. It’s already embedded IEEE802.15.4 transceiver on board. A set of iLive nodes can work together and build a scalar WSN. ILive has a RS232/USB slave port which may be used to connect with PC or Embedded Local Server such as PandaBoard or Raspberry Pi. Moreover iLive has an extend port with I²C, SPI, ADC and GPIO pins which can be used to add specific sensors or devices when necessary.

Key features of iLive:
■ Ultra Low energy consumption, 2 AA standard batteries for 5 years*;
■ 4 Watermark sensors
■ 3 Decagon sensors
■ 1 soil temperature sensor
■ 1 temperature sensor
■ 1 air humidity sensor
■ 1 light sensor
■ 1 RS232/USB slave port
■ IEEE802.15.4 ZigBee wireless access medium
■ Extend Port with I²C, SPI, ADC and UART