Dr Philippe VASLIN


Email: vaslin@isima.fr
Phone: +33 (0) 473 405 038
Office: Laboratoire d'Informatique, de Modélisation et d'Optimisation des Systèmes (UMR 6158 CNRS - Université Blaise Pascal) - Campus des Cézeaux - 1 rue de la Chebarde - 63 178 AUBIERE CEDEX (France)


Dr. Philippe Vaslin received his PhD in Sport Sciences (speciality: Biomechanics) at Bordeaux University (France) in 1993 and he joined Blaise Pascal University (France) as an Assistant Professor in 1994. Before completing his thesis (1988-1994), he worked as a Research Engineer in two different design offices (INRES, Bordeaux; CRIPS, Belfort) where he was in charge of comparative studies, mechanical and field testing, and research reporting on sport and other products. Since 1998, he has been mainly working on the biomechanics of manual wheelchair (MWC) locomotion at UBP-LIMOS. In that research, he developed an original approach based on the field measurement of most of the mechanical (kinematic and dynamic) parameters involved in this particular locomotion (e.g. user's movements, forces and torques applied on the MWC). For that purpose, he participated in the design, the construction and the use of two successive instrumented MWCs (WWE: Wireless Wheelchair Ergometer & FRET-2) equipped with several force and inertial sensors (up to 42 channels), of which signals were processed and input in a complete mechanical model of MWC locomotion. This research has been financially supported by two French National Projects (ANAES 1999, ANR TecSan 2006) and has yielded two PhD theses, and several national and international publications. Beside this main topic, he has also been involved in research projects on sport biomechanics (e.g. karate strike) and on the attitude control of high-speed robotic wheeled vehicles during a ballistic phase, in collaboration with Poitiers University (France) and IFMA (UBP), respectively. He is the author or co-author of about one hundred of national and international scientific articles, book chapters and communications.

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