Dr Christophe de Vaulx


Email: christophe.de_vaulx@uca.fr
Phone: (33) (0)4 73 40 51 55
Office: E000
Adress: LIMOS Campus des Cézeaux 1 rue de la Chebarde TSA 60125 CS 60026 63178 Aubière Cedex France
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Christophe de Vaulx received a PhD in computer science in 2003 and became associate professor at Blaise Pascal University in 2005. He is a member of the SMIR (Systèmes Multisensoriels Intelligents integrés et Répartis) group of the laboratory LIMOS UMR 6158 CNRS. This group focuses on the development of core (basic hardware and software) technology dedicated to Wireless Sensor Network, IoT and CPS. This current research areas are:

  • Cyber-physical systems

  • Internet of things

  • Wireless sensors networks

  • Embedded systems

  • Fault tolerance

  • Wireless communication protocols