Dr Jian-Jin LI


Email: jianjin.li@isima.fr
Phone: (33) (0)4 73 40 50 17
Office: ISIMA/LIMOS Campus des Cézeaux, 24, avenue des Landais, 63173 Aubière cedex, France


Jian-Jin LI is associate professor at ISIMA (a French engineering school in computer science). She received a Bachelor’s in Mathematics from Wuhan University in China in 1987, a Master’s in Computer Science from INSA de Lyon in France in 1989, and a PhD in computer science from University Lyon 1 in France in 1992 (Ph.D carried out in LIP Laboratory at ENS Lyon).
In the 1990’s, Jian-Jin Li worked in parallel programming, developing parallel algorithms in 3D images processing and communication algorithms for distributed MIMD architecture. Since the 2000’s, her interests the communication protocols for ITS, WSN and IWoT.

Selected Papers

X.X. Diao, J.J. Li, K. M. Hou, H. Zhou, “Communication intervéhicules pour les systèmes de transport intelligents de la prochaine génération - Tendances dans les techniques de routage géographique”, dans Modèles et algorithms pour les réseaux véhiculaires, Hermès, Paris. Download

X.X. Diao, H. Zhou, K.M. Hou and J.J. Li, "An Embedded System Dedicated to Inter vehicle Communication Applications", EURASIP Journal on Embedded Systems, Volume 2010, Article ID 601343, 15 pages. Download

X.X. Diao, M. Kara, J.J. Li, K.M. Hou, H. Zhou and A. Jacquot, "Cooperative Inter-vehicle Communication Protocol With Low Cost Differential GPS", Journal of Networks, vol.4, issue 6, Aug. 2009, pp. 445-457. Download

H. Jiang, J.J. Li, K.M. Hou, L.J. Chen, "Geographic Pattern Routing for MANETOR in IVC", in Ad-Hoc, Mobile, and Wireless Networks, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Eds. Springer Berlin / Heidelberg, vol. 4104, July 2006, pp. 156-169. Download